Presentations and publications

Here are some of the events and publications I’ve been involved with.  Most presentations have videos available on YouTube – see below for links.  I’m also happy to send you a PDF of any of the publications listed.  For these, or if you’d like to invite me to write/speak somewhere, or for any other questions/comments, just get in touch.

Upcoming conferences and seminars

Details of events I’ll be presenting (at):

  • IATEFL MaWSIG PCE, Brighton, UK, 9 April 2018 (talking about writing effective pronunciation materials for international markets)
  • IATEFL annual conference, Brighton, UK, 12 April 2018 (talking about near-peer role models, co-presenting with Ben Goldstein)

I’m also on the organizing committee for the ELF11 conference in London, UK, from 4-7 July 2018. Visit the website for more details on how to attend or to apply to present.

Other blogs & blog posts


Past conferences/workshops/seminars/interviews

In reverse chronological order…
  • Developing an ELF-aware school (International House AMT Conference, London, UK, 12 January 2018).
  • Near-peer role models in ELT (Exams Catalunya, Barcelona, 18 November 2017).
  • English Pronunciation for Dutch speakers in a diverse new world (Cambridge Day, Amsterdam, 24 November 2017).
  • Teaching pronunciation for English as a Lingua Franca (IATEFL webinar, held online, 9 Sept 2017 – slides and recording available for IATEFL members within the members’ area of
  • Live pedagogy debate (with Clara Prado and Alberto Costa; I acted as chair) (Cambridge Day: Celebrating Stories, São Paulo, Brazil, 28 July 2017)
  • What on ELF: Helping our students become better international communicators (panel discussion, Day One of the IATEFL-TESOL Online Conference, 17 November 2016). Recording available here.
  • Teaching English as a Lingua Franca (Cambridge English Teacher “Facebook Clinic” live Q&A event with Martin Dewey, 19 Oct 2016). Recording available here.
  • Teaching in virtual classrooms: Meeting the pedagogical challenge (BrazTESOL conference, Brasília, 15 July 2016).
  • Moving from print coursebooks to ebooks: learnings from classroom research
    (Webinar for Cambridge English Teacher, July 2016). Recording available here.

  • English as a Lingua Franca and the multilingual classroom (ETp Live!, Brighton, UK, 20 June 2015). Slides and handouts available here.
  • Teaching pronunciation and listening for English as a Lingua Franca (BELTA Day, Brussels, Belgium, 25 April 2015) – watch the trailer here
  • How to identify pronunciation priorities in the multilingual classroom (IATEFL PronSIG Pre-Conference Event, Manchester, 10 April 2015). Slides and handouts available here.
  • ‘The ear of the beholder’: helping learners understand different accents (IATEFL Conference, Manchester, 13 April 2015). Slides and handout available here.
  • Things I wish I’d known before my MA in ELT (English UK, London, 1 Nov 2014). Slides available here.
  • Talking to novice teachers about ELF: Dealing with ELF in pre-service TESOL courses (ELF 7, Athens, Greece, 4 Sept 2014) Video available here.
  • Demystifying creativity (plenary at Rokus Klett ‘Creative Classroom’ conference, Brdo, Slovenia, 1 Feb 2014) – slides here; video available here
  • Avoiding ‘boardom’ with some whiteboard wizardry! (30th annual ETAS conference, Thun, Switzerland, 26 Jan 2014) – slides, materials and summary here; video available here
  • Integrating bespoke pronunciation work with a coursebook-led syllabus (TESOL France, Paris, 24 Nov 2013) – slides here (no video available)
  • Integrating pronunciation work with a coursebook-led syllabus (IATEFL Poland, Łódź, 27 Sept 2013) – slides here; video here; activities explained here
  • Applying the Lingua Franca Core to promote intelligibility in multilingual classrooms – presentation of my MA research findings (ELF6, Rome, 5 Sept 2013) – slides here; video here; original dissertation downloadable here

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