Commemorative wedding cushion

Last year, my best friend got married. To ensure that neither she nor her husband could ever forget the date (he joked afterwards), I made them a gift that would burn it into their memories – in a quaint, flowery, elegant way, of course.

It was a spring wedding, so I chose to make a cushion with multiple different flower patterns and green lettering, to evoke the season of new beginnings and the parallels between this season and the start of a marriage.

I’d never done patchwork before and I don’t own a sewing machine (yet!) so this required some very careful planning, measuring and stitching in order to make sure that the final cushion cover would actually fit snugly on the cushion I’d bought!

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Now I had worked out all the dimensions and patterns, I could cut the component pieces. Thanks to my dear departed grandmother and her fabulous craft box (which I inherited), I have a cool little circular knife thing (like a pizza cutter, but for fabric) and metal ruler, which made this a lot easier than if I’d attempted to use scissors.

The last step before assembly could begin was to plan the longer ‘bars’ which would feature the couple’s names and their wedding date.

I decided not to embroider these before stitching all the pieces together, just in case I’d somehow done something silly and ended up not having space for all the embroidery to be visible or something. Instead, I cut the pieces and did the lettering in pencil, ready to stitch all the pieces together and then to embroider the words later.

Now, for various Life Reasons, I was running a bit late on this project and couldn’t complete it until after the wedding. But that was unexpectedly fortuitous, because it meant I could match the lettering on the cushion to the name cards from the table at the wedding reception. I love that the final gift fits in so nicely with the couple’s own choice of design for their wedding!

At last, assembly could begin…

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The penultimate stage, before joining the front and back pieces of the cover to finally put the cushion in, was of course to embroider the names and date. Compared to the rest of this project, that was super simple. And far more enjoyable! (Far less confusing myself over millimetres here and there, swearing, erasing numbers, recalculating, re-cutting cardboard templates… and only slightly more frequent stabbing myself with a needle.)

Now the front was done, I attached this to the back pieces. I used two overlapping pieces, cut from an old pillowcase, for the back. This gave the final cushion cover an ‘envelope’ closing, making it very easy to put on and take off with no need for nasty zips or buttons.

All that was left now was to wrap it up nicely and deliver it to the happy couple…

The final product… delivered! And placed conveniently in the living room, as a reminder forever more of the date of their anniversary!