Links and blogroll

Here are links to lots of other blogs and sites that I like.  I’ll try to organise them a bit for you…

ELT-related (mostly teachers’) blogs:

  • Willy Cardoso’s blog – entertaining and thought-provoking posts on learning, teaching, chaos and complexity
  • Chris Ożóg’s blog – yet more witty, gritty reflections on learning, teaching and training
  • Sandy Millin’s blog – loads of great ideas for teaching English from a linguistically and technologically adventurous EFL teacher!
  • James Taylor’s blog – all sorts of stuff, all entertaining and thought-provoking, from a very international EFL teacher
  • Katy Simpson’s blog – what one teacher in Dubai/Thailand has learned about teaching from her own students
  • Chia Suan Chong’s blog – yet more entertaining and insightful posts from a well-known conference virtuoso!
  • Steve Brown’s blog – in his own words, “(usually) weekly musings and rants, mostly about English teaching”
  • Scott Thornbury’s ‘An A-Z of ELT’ – complements the book of the same name, with posts on wide-ranging topics and often interesting discussions in the comments section!
  • Hancock McDonald – free materials, reviews, resources, etc. related to pronunciation and listening
  • Adrian Underhill’s pronunciation blog – great info & tips on teaching pronunciation from one of the masters
  • Luiz Otávio’s ELT page – all kinds of thoughts and tips on teaching, including some great stuff on noticing lexis
  • EduQuotes – a collection of great soundbites on education by the aforementioned Mr Cardoso
  • SGI CPD blog – discussion and lesson plans on all sorts of topics
  • Take a Photo and… – practical ideas for what to do with eltpics, a free (crowdsourced) resource of images for teachers
  • Dale Coulter’s blog – lots of excellent reflection and practical tips for ELTs
  • Vicki Hollett’s blog – a myriad of posts, ideas and discussion about ELT, Business English, sociolinguistics…
  • IATEFL BESIG website – great resources & community, for those interested in teaching business English

Sociolinguistics – how/when/where/why language is used in various ways:

  • Language: A Feminist Guide – an articulate and thoughtful perspective on how language is used (or not) by people of different genders
  • Language Log – many and various enjoyable posts on many and various aspects of language
  • Separated by a Common Language – observations on British and American English by an American linguist in the UK
  • Not one-off Britishisms – amusing blog recording instances of Britishisms appearing in American English
  • Strong Language – a sweary blog about swearing
  • A short, free, interactive, self-guided online course about how the English language is changing (and the implications for teaching and learning it) – plus a related seminar for the British Council by the course creators

All about English as a lingua franca:

Academia- and research-related (useful for those doing MAs and PhDs!):

Pronunciation-related sites:


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