Our new pronunciation book!

ELF Pronunciation

We are VERY excited to say that our new book, How To Write Pronunciation Activities, is now available on Smashwords, iBooks, and Amazon [affiliate link]. Find out more here.

Some of the things we cover in this book:

  • the challenges of writing pronunciation materials
  • how to support teachers in using pronunciation materials
  • dealing with diversity: ELF and different accents of English
  • pronunciation for listening vs. pronunciation for speaking
  • how to integrate pronunciation activities with other skills areas
  • how to design a syllabus for different levels
  • how to stage pronunciation activities
  • how to write rubrics
  • using the phonemic chart
  • beyond the student’s book: designing homework and supplementary materials
  • useful resources for further reading and resources

The book is very practical, with examples and explanations of all key points, plus exercises to guide the reader in his/her development as a writer of pronunciation materials.

Thank you to everyone…

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5 more things you should know before your MA

About a year ago, I posted this shortlist of things I wish I’d known before doing my master’s degree.  I’ve just shared these learnings, plus some more ideas that have occurred to me since then, at the English UK teachers’ conference.

And in the spirit of sharing top tips, I asked a colleague of mine from my MA to contribute a guest post to this blog with her own ideas.  So here it is! Continue reading