Pedagogy Pop-up: What 10 things do you need in order to learn a language?

Last summer, inspired by the innovative format of a 10-minute plenary presentation that I gave at a conference in Spain earlier that year, I decided to hold a series of mini-events to share key insights from applied linguistics research with my colleagues (I work for an ELT publisher). Continue reading


ETAS Conference presentation: Whiteboard wizardry

Thanks to all those who attended my workshop at this year’s ETAS conference in beautiful Thun, Switzerland!

Schloss Schadau, Thun
Schloss Schadau, Thun

For the first time, I decided not to prepare a handout for the session but summarise it here, instead. You can download my PowerPoint slides here and the other documents I referred to in the workshop from the corresponding sections of this blogpost, below; and you can watch the presentation itself in this video: Continue reading