How to share research, Part 1: Pedagogy Pop-ups

The horror!
Does the word “research” make you do this?

What do you think of when you hear the word “research”?

Many people who are not based in a very academic setting (e.g. a university) hear the word “research” and immediately think that it will be boring, dry, confusing, esoteric, irrelevant to “real life”, or that it will take them forever to read and understand a research publication. Of course, sometimes research is like this — but it doesn’t have to be! Continue reading


Pedagogy Pop-up: What 10 things do you need in order to learn a language?

Last summer, inspired by the innovative format of a 10-minute plenary presentation that I gave at a conference in Spain earlier that year, I decided to hold a series of mini-events to share key insights from applied linguistics research with my colleagues (I work for an ELT publisher). Continue reading

IntrovELT: Conferencing for introverts

The spring conference season is upon us, and I’m already feeling both excited and anxious about it.

I go to a lot of conferences. I love conferences. Learning from others’ experience, meeting new people, seeing old friends, simply enjoying a change of work environment from the usual desk/office space… These are all Good Things and I enjoy them. Honestly, I do.

Nevertheless, whether as a speaker or as an attendee, I find most conferences quite stressful. Continue reading