Things I wish I’d known before my MA (English UK 2014 presentation)

This is just a short appendix of sorts to a post I wrote about a year ago, and which I recently updated and delivered as a presentation at the English UK Teachers’ Conference in London.

You can view my slides below and if you’ve got any questions or comments, feel free to post them below or contact me via the form at the bottom of this post.


  • The MA course which I took at King’s College London
  • The Book Binder, based in central London, where I had my dissertation bound
  • Information about how students at King’s (and other University of London schools) can use each other’s libraries
  • Other library catalogues you can access as a King’s student
  • SCONUL, a scheme which allows you to borrow from other universities’ libraries (apparently not available to full-time or part-time King’s postgraduate students, but may of use to others)
  • The British Library, located in central London, where you can read (and sometimes borrow) books
  • My own dissertation (click here to download) and the award it was shortlisted for!
  • Another MA student’s reflections on her own experience (Lizzie Pinard, who studied on a full-time MA course with integrated Delta qualification at Leeds Metropolitan University – you can also follow Lizzie’s real-time reflections on her dissertation-writing process in this series of blogposts)
  • Some tips from the Thesis Whisperer on “How to stop those unhealthy thoughts“, including the suggestion of the ‘HALT’ acronym (in the comments section)

Presentation slides

You can view them here.

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