Coming soon to IATEFL 2014…

Just a quick plug… this time next week, I’ll be presenting at this year’s IATEFL conference in Harrogate, with my co-blogger Katy Simpson Davies!

Our presentation is on Thursday 3rd April, entitled Practical pronunciation ideas for teaching in an ELF context.  Here’s the full abstract:

Do your students use English to communicate with speakers of different languages?  Are you looking for practical ideas to develop pronunciation and listening skills in an ELF context (English as a lingua franca)?  Teachers will come away from this talk with suggestions for adapting coursebook activities and using authentic materials in a way that acknowledges the needs of ELF speakers.

  • Venue: Harrogate International Conference Centre
  • Room: Queen’s 5
  • Time: 15:05-15:35

The blog we write about this topic is here.

And the full conference programme is available here.

In fact, I’m pleased to report that there are several friends and colleagues of mine presenting at this year’s conference, as well.  I may be a bit biased, but I’ve seen all these wonderful people present before and I can guarantee you’d enjoy their sessions!  In chronological order, then:

  • DITOW (‘Do It The Other Way’) – Rakesh Bhanot, Weds 2 April, 14:05-14:50
  • Be the DoS you want to be – Josh Round, Weds 2 April, 14:05-14:50
  • The accommodating teacher: are you intelligible to your students? – Chris Ożóg, Thurs 3 April, 15:05-15:35
  • Box-ticking or mind-mapping? Questions about ELT professional knowledge – Divya Madhavan & Willy Cardoso, Weds 2 April, 17:10-17:40
  • Leaping before you look (about how pre-service teacher trainees can benefit from responding to emergent language in their lessons) – Danny Norrington-Davies, Weds 2 April, 17:10-17:40
  • Can global issues provide authenticity and context in English teaching? – Ken Wilson, Fri 4 April, 10:25-10:55
  • Communicative Language Teaching: what have we gained (or lost?) – Jeremy Harmer & Scott Thornbury, Fri 4 April, 11:30-12:35
  • Stepping into the real world: transitioning listening – Sandy Millin, Fri 4 April, 14:35-15:20

Hope to see you there!

Harrogate Online 2014


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