ELF6 presentation: Applying the LFC in the multilingual classroom

Here is a video of the presentation I gave at this year’s ELF conference in Rome.  This was a presentation of the findings from the research I undertook for my MA dissertation.

Note: the sound quality was quite poor, so I’ve subtitled it.  And unfortunately, I wasn’t able to record the Q&A, which took place later on (after 2 other presentations).  But feel free to post any questions below!

You can view the original slides below (but in case the embedded slideshow doesn’t work, try this link: http://bit.ly/elf6-patsko):

logo ELF 6-complete


About Laura Patsko

Teacher trainer, language learner, language teacher, linguist, researcher. Not necessarily in that order.


  1. Congrats Laura on the Masters and the excellent presentation. The comment was interesting about it being as good a system as any, when clearly most teachers don’t have any kind of system in place for teaching pronunciation (myself included before I discovered ELF). So in an ELF context, it’s surely the ideal solution because at least it IS a systematic solution. Anyway, thanks for sharing your much-needed research, and for such a clear and engaging talk.

    • Hi Katy, thanks for the comment! I actually ran through different aspects of pronunciation learning/teaching with some upper-int students this afternoon (they’d got talking about pronunciation and why they’re learning English, so I brought up ELF – which it turns out is how 3/4 of them currently/will use English!), and they were surprisingly adept at identifying what priorities they thought ELF users needed. In fact, they guessed the contents of the LFC much more easily than (NS) teachers have done in my experience! Unfortunately, they said they’d rarely studied pronunciation in their classes before, let alone ELF priorities such as nuclear stress… so there’s still work to be done!

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